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Top 10 Workout Trends for 2022

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

The benefits of working out regularly are no secret! The exercises associated with workouts are endless and range from the ability to sculpt and shape our bodies physically to protecting us against the risks of major chronic diseases: cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. But there’s a whole plethora of workouts that are dipping in and out of fashion so which ones are busting the gyms and setting the trend for 2022?


In layman’s terms, this is bodyweight training without the need for sophisticated machines. It uses the entire body collectively rather than isolating one small body area at a time. As a result, you not only build strength, flexibility and balance but also develop a better kinesthetic awareness of your body whereby you’ll be more in tune with it. Best associated with muscle-ups, pull-ups, bar levers and trending Instagram pictures of the human flag and other gravity-defying movements. Respect!


  • Great for novices who want to ease into building strength

  • Exercises are easy to modify as you progress

  • Can be used without fancy equipment

  • No expensive gym memberships required

  • Possible in a very small space


  • Hard to advance to the more complex moves on your own

  • Requires proper knowledge as wrong technique can lead to injury

  • Not a balanced focus on leg training, potentially leaving you with “chicken legs.”


The buzz word right now seems to be Barre! These workouts are the latest 2017 trend that are spreading like wildfire. Inspired by ballet movements Barre workouts consist of stretching and toning using a hand rail which focuses on core conditioning. The movements are low impact but high intensity and although there are many different types of Barre workouts popping up they all have one thing in common, Ballet!


  • No experience required

  • Low-risk injury

  • Modifiable if you have an injury

  • Safe for pregnant women


  • It is expensive

  • Difficult to do at home

  • Not much diversity

  • Your body may plateau after a while

  • Needs Barre instructor


Plyometric training has been used by top athletes for years now because it is designed to improve their power, speed, and explosiveness. It consists of high knee raises, burpees and various jumps that target muscle fibers that running and jogging don’t. This is not for the faint hearted as these “bounding” movements will push your body to its limits creating that adrenaline rush that everyone is loving right now!


  • Increases power

  • Good weight (fat) loss results

  • An enjoyable high-intensity workout

  • Wide variety of movements reduces the boredom factor


  • High injury risk

  • Requires longer warm up and cool down process to keep injury risk down

  • Coach recommended for more advanced movements

  • Range of equipment is needed for progression