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My journey from an overweight guy to a Personal Health Coach

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Anthony Ward


Advanced Personal Trainer, 

Fitness Competitor/Nutritionist and Health Coach

I am an Elite Personal Trainer, nutritionist and health coach with over 20 years’ experience. I love transforming the lives of my clients by teaching them how to become healthy, energised and happy through a balanced lifestyle.  

However, before I was able to change the lives of others, I needed to help myself as I never fully understood the impact a bad diet would have on my life.  
In my mid-twenties my weight went from 85kg to 102kg in 6 months. I was feeling tired, stressed and my mood was low. It was at this point that I needed to make a change! I stopped bad habits, I began to eat clean, train smarter and appreciated the role nutrition played on my health and wellbeing.
Through my journey of weight loss, I gained invaluable knowledge and understanding of what it took to go from being unmotivated and overweight to who I am today. My passion now is helping people to become the healthiest version of themselves. 

I also competed at the Novice Musclemania European Championships 2012 and achieved 2nd place. Forward 10 years, I won 1st place in the over 40's Mens Physique, 1st place in the first timer Men's Physique and 3rd place in the overall at the same show, the Ryan Terry Classic.

Just 4.5 months later I won 1st place in the over 40's Classic Physique at the FitX Pro in Cardiff and 2nd place in the overall Classic Physique tall class. I will hope to turn profession next year at the tender age of 42. Never give up on your dreams!

My article that I contributed to the Consumer Health Digest website   

Can also find the article on my Blogs page

My YMCA Qualifications

  • Personal Trainer leve 3 

  • Core stability

  • Exercise to music

  • NVQ level 3 physical activity

  • Mat Pilates

  • Yoga

  • IFI (inclusive fitness) level 3

  • Bio signature Body Fat testing

  • First Aid

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